Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sky Coyote by Kage Baker

Another Company book - sequel to Garden of Iden, and I've already picked up the third in the series, Mendoza in Hollywood.

Plot: Facilitator Joseph has been assigned to talk the Chumash, a southwest Native American tribe, into allowing themselves to be preserved, or perhaps collected, for some future purchaser. (I'm still not entirely certain why this involved obtaining all the individual Chumash, since apparently what was really required was a record of their culture and DNA. Maybe the purchaser was benevolent.) Anyways, Joseph does this by assuming the persona of a deity of theirs, Sky Coyote.

I like Joseph. Moderately liked the Chumash, and so enjoyed the book, overall. But none of the individual Chumash stood out as, well, individuals, so I find I'm thinking of them as a sort of group character, "The Chumash".

Bits of interaction with company representatives from the future - they seem to be annoying twits. Hard to believe they basically run everything... but that's the hook to read the rest...