Sunday, July 09, 2006

Through Wolf's Eyes by Jane Lindskold

Not what I thought it was. I was expecting another of Jane's Athanor novels, or something similar. Instead, something more like Pat Murphy's Wild Angel - a feral child book, although in a fantasy setting.

Why so many feral wolf women books, I wonder? I seem to have read quite a few lately. Continued aftereffects of pop psychology like _Women who run with the Wolves_? Seems a healthy subgenre, but it's not exactly producing blockbusters.

The ending was not very good. Bad Ending! Bad! No cookie!

I was expecting the story to end, even though I'd realised there might be a sequel. Instead, it just seemed to stop. The main problem had been resolved, but in a sort of by the way manner. And then I turned the next page and there wasn't any more story on it.

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